Solutions focused for over 25 years.

We’re on a mission…

About Us.

Years ago we realised the importance of having a mission, and striving towards a vision.

Our MISSION at MARKHAM is “Adding life to concrete by providing sustainable solutions for our customers and stakeholders.”

This mission is backed up by our VISION of “Saving the world, one concrete structure at a time!

How do we work towards these? It’s with a great group of people, working with a strong sense of values.

about markham mission

Of Invisible strength…

Look at a building, or walk through it, you can see its walls, floors, ceilings, and hallways.

You can see, and feel, the timber, glass, décor. But what you can’t see is its inner strength.

But you can see the results.

What you also can’t see is the Invisible Strength of the team behind the brand, the R&D, the hours of training and development and countless other items that makes a business work.

See what INVISIBLE STRENGTH means to us.

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And a united team…

Have you met our team?

High energy and enthusiasm. Years of collective experience. Incredibly strong culture. And a touch of random!

There’s no MARKHAM without the MARKHAM team!

Meet our Team.

about markham united team


At MARKHAM, our BE SURE Values are not just wall decorations, they’re at the heart of all we do.

about markham our values

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