Wrap It Into One!

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Wrap It Into One!
17 May 2021 Posted in , , ,

So here’s the situation. You’re building an aged care complex (or maybe a hospital or laboratory) and there will be concrete floor slabs, with direct-stick flooring.
Thinking this through, you will need

  • Curing enhancement for the slabs, whether as a compound or water curing.
  • Moisture control to prevent flooring adhesion issues.
  • Hygiene sealing, to protect the concrete when in use.

Three separate products, three separate application processes with their separate scheduling – right?

The Markham concrete hygiene and contamination protection system is shown under floor coverings at a aged care facility

Do it in one!

Cut out a significant slice of the costs, and reduce the time required! AQURON 2000 MEDI+ is your go-to treatment for this situation.

  • Advanced curing hydration – equal to 7 days’ water curing, and minimal interruption to operations.
  • Immobilize internal moisture right from curing stage – eliminate the risk of moisture movement disrupting flooring adhesives.
  • Permanent hygiene protection of the slab – prevent the entrance or activity of bacteria within the concrete, and no need to re-coat!

AQURON 2000 MEDI+ is an advanced concrete hydrogel treatment, which penetrates deep into the slab (about 150mm on average), trapping the free moisture as it forms. There is no surface coating, and therefore no compatibility issues. The treatment never needs to be re-applied, even when floor coverings are replaced. This is a WIN-WIN situation!

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