For curing concrete in extreme temperatures

Thermal Curing Blankets

Conqor TCB - Thermal Curing Blankets
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CONQOR TCB (Thermal Curing Blanket) is designed for use in concrete construction, when ambient temperatures are particularly low or high.
Concrete curing in low ambient temperatures (below 10°C) will take longer to achieve the desired strength.
High ambient temperatures (over 32°C) encourage uneven curing and shrinkage cracking.

The CONQOR range has been designed to perform in the most demanding environments.

  • Protect against extreme temperatures
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Durability enhanced – allows the concrete to achieve desired strength in a shorter time frame.
  • CONQOR TCB will protect the concrete while curing and CONQOR TCB reduces the temperature differential between the core and surface curing temperatures.
  • CONQOR TCB also assists in reducing shrinkage.

For more information and technical data, visit the ConqorTCB product page.

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