CONQOR B25 – Stability and Workability Enhancer

CONQOR B25 concrete admixture is a colloidal silica hydrogel specifically formulated to produce high quality, workable and easier to finish concrete or shotcrete.

Improves workability and finishing of all types of concrete in any below or above ground, exposed or submerged structure.

Lower pump pressure for shotcrete and pumping and reduces form pressure.


Concrete Stability and Workability Enhancer

CONQOR B25 concrete admixture is a clear, environmentally neutral, non-toxic, and odourless colloidal silica liquid that lubricates the cement paste of the concrete mix when added into the mix water prior to any cement, aggregates or sand.

Key benefits
Improves the Workability of Fresh Concrete

CONQOR B25 effectively lubricates the mix so that the concrete pumps very well and is easy to place and trowel.

This makes CONQOR B25 ideal for irregular shapes and non-standard placement situations.

Improved Concrete Finishing

By improving the flow of the mix, CONQOR B25 makes quality finishing easier.

Helps to Lower Concrete Pump Pressure

It is easier to pump the mix with CONQOR B25 admixture, due to its lubrication properties.

CONQOR B25 also reduces formwork pressure once in place, enabling higher pouring heights


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