CONQOR 87B – Controlled Expansion Gasket & Waterstop

CONQOR 87B waterstop (formerly Superswell) is for waterproofing concrete basements, pools, precast infills.

CONQOR 87B WATERSTOP is butyl hydrophilic polymer based gasket, which expands in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture, forming a seal in concrete joints.

Superior weather resistance over clay-based waterstops - won’t deteriorate if you get wet weather between pours.


Controlled expansion waterstop

CONQOR 87B WATERSTOP is a unique sealing gasket that expands in a controlled fashion when exposed to moisture, forming a compression seal in concrete joints.

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Key benefits
Controlled expansion when exposed to moisture

CONQOR 87B WATERSTOP is manufactured utilising a specialised mixing process which encapsulates hydrophilic materials into a rubber base creating a controlled, moisture activated gasket.

Does not lose integrity over time in water

Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles. This gasket has the structural integrity of a rubber-based sealant, the features of a butyl sealant, as well as the ability to expand to create a SELF-HEALING JOINT MATERIAL.

Bonds to both concrete surfaces

Very easy to handle and install. No on-site welding required as with PVC waterstops. Adhere to one side of concrete joint with SABREBOND or similar contact adhesive and CONQOR 87B swells to seal against both sides of concrete joint.

Suitable for use in horizontal and vertical joints.

We have made CONQOR 87B in a magenta colour to make it easier for you to see when it has been installed on-site.


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