AQURON 7000 penetrating hydrogel concrete sealer is ideal for marine concrete, bridges, wharves and concrete infrastructure to provide concrete waterproofing, concrete protection against corrosion from salt water attack and effects of carbonation.

Spray applied to new and existing concrete to provide waterproofing. A more environmentally friendly option and user safe, compared to solvent based products for protection from corrosion of concrete structures.

Protection from marine and environmental related corrosion of reinforced concrete structures


Halt corrosion in concrete

AQURON 7000 penetrating hydrogel concrete sealer is spray applied to new and existing concrete penetrates deeply into concrete by molecular attraction, forming a unique hydrogel eliminating internal moisture migration, aligning with internationally accepted logic that "stopping moisture migration into and through concrete porosity halts all common causes of corrosion".

AQURON 7000 is only available strictly as a quality controlled "supplied and applied" application. Our Customer services team is here to help confirm the m2 costings for your project.

Key benefits
Proven Protection

AQURON 7000 penetrating hydrogel concrete sealer has been proven in Australasian conditions for over 20 years and has a track record of a proven long-term economic solution for halting corrosion of reinforced concrete structures

Halts and protect corrosion from saltwater

AQURON 7000 Concrete sealer is guaranteed to eliminate the action of soluble chlorides in concrete and inhibit corrosion of imbedded reinforcing steel. Economical and excellent performance on concretes washed by seawater and coastal spray, or that have been attacked by salts, acids, effluents, corrosive gases, etc. Contaminants are neutralised or purged from concrete which is protected from further attack.

Halts corrosion from ASR, DEF & Carbonation

AQURON 7000 Corrosion Protection internal waterproofing and halting moisture migration provides resistance to corrosion factors associated with AAR (Alkali Aggregate Reactivity), ASR (Alkali Silicate Reactivity), and Delayed Ettringrite formation.

Case studies

AQURON 7000 at work

AQURON 7000 hydrogel forming corrosion protection treatment has been proven in Australasia over the last 20 years.

Wharves in Auckland, New Zealand

AQURON 7000 system used as a holding strategy for concrete wharf structure for over 15 years since 2001

Wharves in Napier, New Zealand

AQURON 7000 has arrested corrosion, and extended service life of 3 wharves for over 18 years since 1998


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