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MARKHAM GLOBAL Australia is focused on innovation for the concrete and construction industry with the AQURON range of ultimate concrete sealer,  concrete waterproofing and concrete protection solutions.  

MARKHAM GLOBAL's team is working throughout Australia helping achieve ULTIMATE solutions for conrete sealing, waterproofing and extending durability of Australian structures.

MARKHAM GLOBAL's Australian Team is part of the MARKHAM GLOBAL network with offices and representation in New Zealand and UK. MARKHAM GLOBAL's network has over 15 years experience in enhancing concrete's performance in a wide variety of concrete structures and construction projects.

MARKHAM GLOBAL's Australian range includes concrete sealer, concrete curing products and blankets, concrete waterproofing treatments, sealer for polished concrete and pavers, water repellents for precast concrete, waterstops for construction joints, waterproofing concrete additives, concrete crack repair and joint repair poly urea products.

MARKHAM GLOBAL's Australian team are continually researching products and systems that are more environmentally friendly, cost effective, easier to use and of course innovative for Australian conditions.

Our Australian team looks forward to helping you with any questions relating to how our products can help you achieve the best solution for your Australian projects.


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